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Alvin Poh

Desmond Yong
Desmond love to start something new or work in a highly ambiguous and complex environment. Here are some of the best adventures he had: 2019 - ...
Gold Poovan Devasagayam
Gold Poovan is a CIM UK certified Digital Marketer and a certified ACTA (Singapore) trainer. With over 20 years of experience in management, customer ...
Jocelyn Goh
Jocelyn is a visibility strategist helping brands and professionals to strengthen their message and widen their influence by leveraging video and onli ...
Jude Lim
Jude is a creative and engaging leader who always has a vision for his career. He made his working journey from banking to express logistic and to pho ...
Lionel Lim
One of Singapore's most prolific personal branding speaker cum learning and development consultant with 12 years of experience speaking on different p ...
Rae Fung
Rae Fung is Your Speaking Coach. Ambitious entrepreneurs and corporate professionals work with her to master their unique message and own their voices ...
Ratna Juita
Ratna is a TEDx speaker, facilitator and trainer. Her mission is to empower people and organizations to build resilience, avoid burnout, get more pr ...
Razy Shah
Razy Shah is an entrepreneur with over 12 years of digital marketing, business development and management experience. He is Head of Growth at 2Stallio ...
Samantha Ng
Internationally certified career & behavioural consultant, internationally certified career services provider, Associate Adult Educator (SSG-IAL)
Serene Seng
Serene is a coach, consultant, and advocate of conscious business, working to help companies move to a people first business model, not just because i ...
Sylvia Tham
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn – Benjamin Franklin. This is one of my favourite quotes. "I believe in active ...
Yuki Ng
Yuki Ng is one of the few professionals who has a deep understanding of the social media industry. From practical experiences to academic background, ...
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